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Cha Am Golf Courses

Golf Courses in Cha-am

Cha Am and its surrounding area is considered by many to be Thailand’s golfing capital and with a number of world class golf courses to choose from, it is easy to see why. Here is information on the golf courses that are in Cha Am and the surrounding area:

Springfield Royal Country Club

Springfield golf course is probably the most famous course in the Cha am/Hua Hin area and is wildly regarded as being one of the best in South East Asia. Designed by Jack Nicklaus, the course has been open since 1993 and is located about 15 minutes drive, south of Cha Am town centre. The course at the Springfield Royal Country Club has been designed in such a way that it remains challenging for golfers of all abilities. It also meets the very high demands of an internationally recognised championship course and has even hosted a number of high profile tournaments, including the Thai Open. With a minimum of 5 tees to play from for each hole, accuracy, finesse and a strong character are required at all times as the course has a large number of hazards throughout. This is definitely a course that will reward you should you be on the top of your game, as it is not all that long. For example, the first hole (par 4) is relatively gentle at some 367 yards and at first sight, appears to be fairly simple. However, as with the rest of the course, it requires much accuracy and will certainly prove to be difficult for even the most experience of golfers. The 27 hole course is always beautifully kept and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding terrain. The club house, which is regarded as one of the best in the area, provides the ideal place to relax after a day on the course. As well as a first class golf course the Springfield Royal Country Club also offers other superb facilities. The club house at the Springfield will sure to leave a lasting impression partly due to its design and construction but also due to its fabulous interior, which is finished in granite and polished marble. It almost has a regal or palace like feel to it, such is its majesty. The changing rooms are also excellent, (complete with a bar, no less!) as are the caddies, who are very well trained.

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Imperial Lake View Golf Course and Hotel

Located not too far from the Springfield Royal Country Club, this championship course was Cha Am’s first 36 hole golf course. Popular with both locals and tourists, many consider this to be Cha Am’s most pleasant and scenic course. The design of the course makes avoiding its many water hazards difficult and once you are on the greens you will need all your putting skills to help you with this arduous test. The Imperial course is one of the first in Thailand to have a ‘1 course, multi style’ concept. The Imperials original 18 hole ‘A&B’ course features a number of small streams, as well as a relatively large lake, which divides the course into two. These water hazards combined with other obstacles such as trees and dog-legged fairways will certainly test the skills even the lowest handicappers. Arguably the most difficult hole on the course is the long par 3 at the 14th, which includes a tee box located on a small island, with the actual green being located more than 200 yards away on another island, which is completely surrounded by water. The Imperial Golf Course also has a number of much easier par holes, which in general, helps to make the course a balanced and varied test for all golfers. The third course at the Imperial, The Desert course (course C) is quite different from course A& B and you will need to carefully plan every single shot in order to successfully negotiate the course. Course ‘D’, The Links View Course, which opened in 2006, plays over quite an open area with only a few trees or hazards between each of the holes. The club house at the Imperial Lake View is relatively basic and whilst it might not be as stylish as some of the club house that you will find at Cha Am’s other golf courses, it does still have a good atmosphere, restaurant and good caning facilities. The course is also complete with a luxury 70 room hotel for anyone who wishes to stay for more than one day, which does make the course a popular choice for golf tourists and holiday makers. The hotel and resort also features a large swimming pool and spa that are complete with nice views of the course.

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Palm Hills Golf Club

Palm Hills is an 18 hole par 72 course, which was the chosen venue for the inaugural Thai World Pro-Am tournament back in 1993. The fairly flat course has lush greens and plenty of strategically placed water hazards, which will prove to be challenging for golfers of all abilities. Located to the south of Cha Am but before Hua Hin, the Palm Hills was the areas first international standard golf course when it opened in the early 1990’s. The course is slightly different from others in the area as its lay out is more like many of Scotland’s ‘links’ courses, with long strips rolling terrain. The Palm Hills course certainly lives up to its name as you will find plenty of palm trees lining the course, which is surrounded by hills and mountains. There are also a number of bougainvillea shrubs and wonderfully coloured frangipani trees that help to add to the natural beauty of this course. Palm Hills is blessed with its natural setting as it looks out over Cha Am, Hua Hin and the Gulf of Thailand, with some quite magnificent panoramic views. Whilst it is fair to say that Palm Hills is arguably not as challenging as some of the other Cha Am golf courses, it still has a number of tricky bunkers, water hazards and lightning quick greens that will provide a challenge for many different golfing abilities. The course at Palm Hills is arguably one of the best kept in Cha Am and the surrounding area, with the greens being well maintained all year round. The club house at the Palm Hills is not exactly spectacular. However, it does provide good locker rooms and a restaurant that serves tasty and reasonably priced food, as is so often the case at many Thai golf clubs. It also offers a relaxing place to enjoy an ice cold beer or soft drink after a long day on the course.

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Black Mountain Golf Course

Open since 2007, the 18 hole Black Mountain Golf course is a Royal Trophy and 1st Class Asian PGA Tour venue and was the host for the 2009 and 2010 Asian PGA tour and 2011 Royal Trophy Europe vs Asia match. golf-in-cha-amLocated approximately 15km south of Cha Am, along Phetchkasem Road, this spectacular course will certainly be testing for golfers of all levels and is set within a small mountain range, from where it gets its name. Despite Black Mountain Golf Course being a relative newcomer to the golfing scene in Cha Am, the design of the course has helped to maintain the area’s natural beauty, including many of the sites original features. Many of these features have actually been incorporated into the course such as a number of natural and rocky creeks that can be found on some of the holes. There is no doubt that Black Mountain is certainly a major test for a lot of professional golfers, which explains why it has been chosen to host the professional events and tournaments that are mentioned above. However, the course is still very playable for even the most average of golfers. Throughout the course golfers are provided with a ‘safe’ route in which to play but for the more daring or audacious players, Black Mountain offers a much riskier option, which has a greater reward. A good example on this is on the 6th hole (par 5), where the peninsula green can be reached in just 2 shots, providing you are an aggressive hitter. For more casual hitters, they can make it in 3 shots, taking the regulation path to the green. Arguably Black Mountains most impressive hole is the 11th, which is a par 3 where golfers are required to hit over water and onto an island green. If you happen to be a shorter hitter then the course at Black Mountain offers large, generous fairways that gradually become narrower for the tee shots. The greens are generally large, with a variety of pin positions offering various degrees of difficulty. The whole course is beautifully kept, with the grass throughout being a luscious emerald green colour. As well as the magnificent course, Black Mountain also has an excellent club house, which offers stunning panoramic views of the golf course and surrounding area. There is also an excellent fine dining restaurant, locker room and possibly the comprehensively stocked pro golf shops in the Cha Am and Hua Hin area.

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Kaeng Krachan Golf Course and Country Club

Kaeng Krachan Golf Course and Country Club is situated approximately 30 minutes north of Cha Am town centre. Open since 2004, this incredible course was originally designed as an 18 hole course but had a further 9 holes added in 2007. The Lake(course A) and Valley(course B) courses, which make up the original 18 holes, are challenging for all abilities. Both of the courses are relatively flat, although there are water hazards throughout. The Mountain Course (course C), which is the additional 9 holes, was designed by Jack Nicklaus, can be difficult to score well on with its fast greens and fairway bunkers that are sure to catch any wayward shots. The team behind Nicklaus design did a quite brilliant job of preserving the area’s natural beauty and incorporating it into the course. Throughout the course you will find a number of lakes and streams that help to add to the beautiful natural environment. This course is generally considered to be one of the best 9 hole courses in Cha Am and is a must for any golfers who are staying nearby or in the surrounding area. The club house and other on site facilities are little basic. However, the course does provide a good opportunity for anyone who is looking for a change of scenery and to get away from some of Cha Am’s other courses that are more popular with golf tourists. In 2010 Kaeng Krachan golf course was chosen to host the Asian Tour qualifying event.

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Royal Hua Hin Golf Course

The Royal Hua Hin Golf Course was Thailand’s first ever golf course and has been open since 1924, when it was originally commissioned for Thai aristocracy and British railway engineers who were living in the area during this time. Located approximately 23km to the south of Cha Am, next to the railway station in Hua Hin, this 18 hole course offers spectacular views of the Gulf of Thailand. During the 1980’s the Royal Hua Hin golf course underwent major redevelopment and renovation, which helped to bring this old course right up to international standards. The course itself is generally well kept. However, conditions can vary throughout the year and during the wetter months the course can sometimes get rather muddy in places. This is in contrast to warmer times of the year when the course can be quite hard under foot. Whilst the course here is also without any real water hazards, the fairways are lined with trees that contribute to make scoring on the course difficult. Overall the course at the Royal Hua Hin Golf Club is challenging and enjoyable. It is also steeped in history and should be played at least once if you are visiting the area, even if it is only to get a view of the stunning surrounds or to say that you have played on the same course as Thai Royalty and aristocracy from years gone by!

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Banyan Golf Course

The Banyan Golf Course is located about 40 minutes from Cha Am, 5km south of Hua Hin town centre. This 18 hole course is built amongst a pineapple plantation and has plenty of hills and greenery which help to give it a spectacular back drop. The course also offers pretty spectacular panoramic views of the Thai Gulf. This is definitely an enjoyable course to play and certainly very challenging. Watch out for the water hazards, sand traps and bunkers that are strategically placed throughout the course. Due to the nearby pineapple plantation, local fruit can even come into play should you be a little wayward in hitting your shots down the fairway! The greens at Banyan Golf Course generally play very quickly. This is largely down to the type of high quality Tiffeagle grass that has been used here. This is the same grass that is used on some of Thailand’s other leading courses, most notably at Bangkok’s Alpine Golf Club and the Thai Country Club. Despite the greens being fast, they are still very responsive and make for near perfect golfing conditions. The 15th 139 yard, par 3 is arguably the Banyan’s signature hole. Here you will find incredible panoramic views of the ocean that on a clear day, stretch all the way to Tiger Island in the Thai Gulf. The Banyan Golf Course also has a range of warm up facilities including 2 chipping and putting greens and also another large practice area. You will also find a well stocked pro shop, as well as a pleasant, Thai contemporary style club house that features a first class restaurant, excellent locker rooms and a pub, which offers great views of the surrounding area and is the perfect place to have a drink and relax after a tiring day on the course. The Banyan also offers golfers complimentary golf carts for each play, which are complete with GPS, as well as the use of an unlimited number of balls for the driving range. In 2009, Banyan Golf Club was the winner of Asia’s Best New Golf Course as voted for by Asian Golf Monthly magazine readers.

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Majestic Creek Country Club

The Majestic Creek is located just under an hour away from Cha Am; the course was once rated as the best and one of the most difficult courses in the area by a leading European golf magazine. The course itself was designed by one of Thailand’s leading course designers and features a number of tricky greens and rolling hilly terrain. Throughout the course you will also find a number of winding streams which are supplied with water from the mountains nearby. There are also plenty of challenges on the course for players of all levels. Even low handicappers will be appreciative of the courses many challenging tee shots. Nearly all the holes on the course have some sort of water hazard, either small lakes or streams. You will also find a good number of bunkers, just to add to the many other hazards that can be found on this course. A favourite amongst locals and expats that live in both the Cha Am and Hua Hin areas, the Majestic Creek Country Club is generally considered to have the most consistent course conditions all year round, especially when compared to some of the other Cha Am golf courses. Although the greens here are very well kept, they can sometimes be a little on the slow side. The Majestic Creek club house offers decent facilities including a pro shop, locker rooms and a golfer’s cafe/bar. There is also a driving range, chipping green and two putting greens.

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Sea Pines Golf Course

The Sea Pines Golf Course is located approximately 30kms south of Cha Am, in Khao Takieb and is one of the newest additions to the golfing scene in the area. Opened in September 2010 it has quickly become popular amongst many local golfers. Set right alongside the Gulf of Thailand, Sea Pines is arguably closer to the beach than any other golf course in Cha Am or the surrounding area, making it the ultimate beachfront golfing experience. Sometimes referred to as the ‘army golf club’ or the ‘military golf course’, Sea Pines is built on a large area of land that was previously owned by the Royal Thai Army. The vast majority of the site is lined with magnificent bracken and pine trees and is of course enriched by those wonderful sea views, as well as some nearby mountains. The site was originally used by the army as a retreat where serving soldiers and veterans could relax with their families. The course at Sea Pines has been designed and developed in such a way that it will prove to be challenging for all golfers. Depending on the strength of the wind and incoming sea breezes, the course conditions can change quickly from relatively easy to very difficult. The 12th hole, a par 5, is where you will find the courses most challenging hole as you will find plenty of bunkers, a water hazard and some more bunkers located in the centre of fairway. The difficulty here is deciding to drive from the tee or go for the ‘safer’ option by choosing a lap up approach; both of which are no easy task. The final hole, a par 4, is another difficult hole to negotiate. Here you will find a canal that creates a real hazard as you are required to drive the ball close to 225 yards if you are to reach the fairway. Completed in early 2011, the club house has all the things you would expect from a new and modern golf course, such as spacious locker rooms and an excellent restaurant which serves a wide range of Thai and western food. Visitors to the course should be aware that Thai Army officers and their golfing partners have priority over anyone else who plays on the course, so you can expect slight delays if your tee time happens to clash with that of an officer. Generally speaking, the course at the Sea Pines is nothing short of enjoyable and challenging and is a welcome addition to the other courses in the area. Arguably the biggest attraction of the Sea Pine is its location and stunning views. As the Sea Pines Golf Course is a municipal course, it generally offers good value for money. However, during 2011 there has been an increase in green fees that are more in line with many of the private golf courses in Cha Am and Hua Hin.

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Sawang Resort and Golf Club

Sawang Resort and Golf Club is located approximately 30 minutes north of Cha Am town centre. Surrounded by orchids and rice fields, the Sawang Resort is certainly off the beaten track when compared to some of the other Cha Am golf courses. Even though this course might not be as popular as other courses, it is still challenging for players of all abilities, with its mixture of both tree and water lined holes. Generally speaking, Sawang offers an enjoyable golfing experience with golfers finding its large and generous fairways very appealing. However, the course isn’t all plain sailing and there are still a few surprises in store, particular if you are a lower handicapper looking for a challenge. The course itself is kept reasonably well but is normally a long way off what you would find at the Springfield or Black Mountain golf courses, for example. The club house at the Sawang is adequate and nothing more, but does offer relatively good locker rooms and practice areas. A favourite with the locals, the rural setting of the Sawang Resort and Golf Course is a good choice for anyway who doesn’t want to play on some of Cha Am’s busier greens.

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